WOWmazing Space Kit
WOWmazing Space Kit
WOWmazing Space Kit

WOWmazing Space Kit

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Blast off for fun, as you “launch” gigantic bubbles that are out of this world! If you know an awesome kid, here’s an awesome gift that will keep on bubbling! Here’s everything needed to create an unforgettable good time. Maybe you’re at a picnic or attending an outdoor event where fun is on the agenda. Maybe you’re camping and sitting around a fire – or maybe your backyard is your launching pad? Decorate the cool blue wands with 8 cool black - and - white stickers, from shooting stars to speeding rockets. As the sun goes down, the fun level goes up, because these waterproof stickers glow in the dark.


✔ A set of wands that has the same design used to set every “Biggest Bubble” world record, for the last 30 years!

✔ 2 pouches of “We had so much fun!” Each pouch mixes with a quart of water and makes hundreds of the biggest, most beautiful bubbles ever.

✔ 8 magical peel-and-stick, glow-in-the-dark stickers

✔ A Tips & Tricks booklet to help your skills skyrocket!