Two guys on a boat… yes, that’s how Prodoh began. Two daddies, who happen to be avid outdoorsmen, searched high and low for a fishing shirt for the youngest member of the Doherty family. Proffitt and Doherty were astounded to discover that this type of shirt did not even exist! Fast-forward a few months to a spring fishing trip. “The Boys”, as their wives call them, shook hands and agreed to indeed create functional outdoor apparel that would keep kids safe while “Getting them Outdoors.”

So, after clearance from their wives, Prodoh was founded. People are often curious about the motivation behind Prodoh. After all, the boys are not your average clothing designers! Well, a child needed a shirt… but not just any shirt… one that was “just like his daddy’s.” Parents, if that doesn’t make you want to move anything less than mountains, than I don’t know what would. We saw a chance to share, not just a clothing line, but what that clothing represents.

Growing up outdoors, crabbing, fishing, hunting, sunning, and splashing, was a way of life for us. We learned patience while “waiting on the big one,” after many reminders that “that’s why they call it fishing and not catching.” We learned that watching the sunset from a deer stand was way better than any video game.

So you see, Prodoh is more than a product or youth apparel line. Prodoh is about promises, passion, perserverance, and being present. A legacy of lessons for our children. So do yourself a favor and take a kid outdoors! We caught Prodoh, who knows what will happen to you!

20 products

20 products