Masala Baby



      Ma-sa-la: the Hindi term is used to describe something that comprises a varied mixture of elements.

      The use of the word "masala" reflects the core design aesthetic of our brand: a harmonious medley of colors, textures and motifs mixed in with modern comfort and style. Masala Baby is a combination of unique ingredients that create a surprising result - a pinch of turmeric, a dash of indigo, a sprig of saffron, and a handful of rose petals provide the inspiration for our signature colors, all beautifully layered in the threads of our collections.

      Masala Baby is a baby and kids lifestyle brand that combines rich cultural influences of India with a modern, contemporary aesthetic that crosses borders effortlessly. The global feel of the brand is a direct result of our journeys from the East to the West and back. As we travel the globe, we are excited to present a blend of styles that are inspirational yet practical.

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